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I Have a Law Degree but I’m Not a Lawyer

“I have a law degree but I’m not a lawyer”. I find myself saying that a lot lately. When I interview potential candidates (I’m a legal and finance recruiter for those who don’t know), it comes up a lot. I’m happy to chat about my story today but that wasn’t always the case. I used to

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How becoming a mom made me a better professional

When I found out I was pregnant last July, I had just started a new job as a privacy analyst. It was right after I had the pleasure of failing the Quebec Bar (which I still plan to conquer eventually) and as you can imagine, I thanked the employment Gods for keeping an eye on

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The Liminal Space of Legal Articling

Every day I open up my cover letter. I push a period here, change a sentence there. I think ‘That’s Good’ and hope that will mean Good Enough to the person sifting through resume after resume. How to stand out, how to fit into the shape they want for their firm – is it bragging?

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