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The Liminal Space of Legal Articling

Every day I open up my cover letter. I push a period here, change a sentence there. I think ‘That’s Good’ and hope that will mean Good Enough to the person sifting through resume after resume. How to stand out, how to fit into the shape they want for their firm – is it bragging?

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How I failed the Bar exam and then succeeded, and you can too!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” (c) No one likes talking about that one time they did not succeed. Success is intoxicating, especially when you are surrounded by bright, accomplished individuals ALL THE TIME. No one likes talking about that one time they failed. No matter

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My Grades Suck and No One Wants To Hire Me

A brave soul shared this story with me but wanted to remain anonymous. We will call him “Joe”. Before law school, Joe worked as a financial analyst. He got a little bored and wanted a career change. He went to law school but continued to work full time. His grades suffered. He thought he could

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