In January 2013, Litsa (Katsoulias) Dantzer started a Facebook group to help her law school colleagues find jobs. The premise? “Share a job, pay it forward”. Having a knack for finding jobs that were off the beaten path, Litsa decided to open the group up to friends of friends. Soon after, employers began to reach out to Litsa with exclusive opportunities and as the group grew larger opportunities kept pouring in. Today the group is a community of over 7,000 members across Canada. Law students and lawyers alike share jobs and advice in a welcoming environment that has truly taken on a life of it’s own.

Whether you are looking for an articling position, a legal internship or you are a lawyer with 0-5 years of experience looking for a new opportunity, you have come to the right place! If you are an employer seeking any of the above, post your opportunities on our website and gain incredible visibility. Articling positions and paid internships are free to post so feel free to send them over to us at Please note that we do not post or encourage others to post unpaid positions unless the position is a pro bono opportunity or involves some sort of school credit. Any positions  that do not meet our guidelines will be taken down promptly and without warning. Unpaid is unfair.

With over 7,000 members across Canada, your dream candidate could very well be a part of our community. If you are looking for recruiting solutions that go beyond listing on our job board contact Litsa at